How to delete mac backup files

How to Delete iTunes Backup Files on Mac
  1. How to Remove a File or Folder from Time Machine Backups in Mac OS X
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  3. Part 2. How to Delete Time Machine Backups via Finder (and the Trash)
  4. 2 Easy Methods to Delete Time Machine Backups

How to Remove a File or Folder from Time Machine Backups in Mac OS X

Delete backup set and files from Norton backup You can delete a backup set if it is no longer needed. Delete a backup set. Delete backup set and files. Delete backup set from Norton account. Video: How to delete a backup set and the files that you backed up. The solution made it easy for me to handle my issue.

Yes No. This was not my issue The steps were hard to follow The solution did not work Other. Delete any unwanted backup files. The first method is to do so directly from iTunes, and then the second is to delete the files from its location on your Mac device. To delete an iTunes backup, you must first open the program.

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Find the preferences option then click on it. Now click Devices and select the backup file you want to delete. Deleting your backup of iTunes from your computer may also be done manually by removing it from its immediate location. Although the names of the file may seem strange, you can check the date they were created to decide which files to delete.

It is used to clean iTunes data, release space and also improve your iTunes performance.

How to Delete A Time Machine Backup

At this moment you need to make a choice to remove backups from Mac, and for that, you need to know how to delete backups on Mac. There are two ways you can do it, they are elaborated below. The space of your backup disk for Time Machine backup is big but not infinite. So, when the time comes you have to delete some of the backup files to make space for your new photos and videos.

So, if you want to know how to delete old Time Machine Backups directly then read the following steps:. Finally, after you find the date you were looking for, you need to delete the backup created on that date.

Part 2. How to Delete Time Machine Backups via Finder (and the Trash)

Now, you will be prompted for a confirmation of your action and also for the Administrator Password. After you confirm with your password, the backup will be permanently deleted for that specific day. If you follow these steps carefully then you will be able to delete the old Time Machine Backups from your drive.

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Naturally, it should be your first choice when the Time Machine Backup disk is out of space and you need to delete the old ones to make room for the new ones. One of the most efficient ways to delete Time Machine Backups is to use Finder.

2 Easy Methods to Delete Time Machine Backups

Suppose that your Time Capsule drive is almost full and you have been storing backups since , then you have to understand the gravity of this situation, as it is very impractical to save backups for that long. It is of no use and, you will probably never restore that old backup file. So, the practical choice is to delete those old backups with the help of Finder. Here's how to you can do it:. A few moments later the Mac will recognize the device then it will be visible on the Finder, under devices section.

If your goal is to use AirPort Time Capsule then you also have to provide the password to enter your Backup disk. After you enter your Time Machine Backup disk, you will find a file named "Backups.

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  • How to Remove a File or Folder from Time Machine Backups in Mac OS X.
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Now, go inside the "Backups.