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If you need technical assistance beyond our online help files, you can email us at support. This email will give you a link to log in and set your password before you can get into your Profile and begin taking courses. You access courses from your profile, which you can find in the top right menu when you are logged into Bluebeam University. You can also log in to courses directly from the home page if you are enrolled in them. You can go to bluebeamuniversity. If you are a new user and just want to get your feet wet, you might just need our eight-hour foundational course, Bluebeam Basics.

This includes all the courses currently available through Bluebeam University. Technically, no, but we highly recommend it. All the coursework at Bluebeam University is completed via a web-based interface. There are interactive software simulations built into the web interface where you can try out features in Revu. However, we also have a number of downloadable exercises you need Revu to complete. I only need one of the courses in the Power Pack. Can I purchase it separately?

The only course we sell separately is the Basics. We hear most of our users find value in the bundled Power Pack to deepen their knowledge of Revu. No, la Universidad Bluebeam es una compra separada del software. Yes, you could watch the course on an iPad. Some customers with iPads like to watch video tutorials on the iPad and follow along on their Windows laptop using the full version of Revu.

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You need to click through each lesson of the course and pass the final test at the end of the course. Once you pass, you will be able to download your completion certificate. If you do not pass, then you will be able to retake the test. Once the course is released, it will show up in your Profile automatically. If you have questions that were not answered here, please email training bluebeam.

Learn More. Bluebeam Revu para Mac General Questions. En mantenimiento General Questions. You can compare all three editions of Bluebeam Revu here. Can I transfer Revu from one computer to another? What do I do if my hard drive crashes and I need to reinstall Revu? Does Revu support PDF forms? How can I learn more about Revu training programs? My clients do not have Revu. If I send them a file, will they be able to view my markups in another PDF viewer? Is View Mode similar to Bluebeam Vu? Is Revu localized in other languages?

Do you offer discounts on bulk purchases? Can I use a trial version of Revu prior to purchase? Does Bluebeam offer any educational discounts? How do I buy an older version of Revu? What is a major upgrade? How do I upgrade my current Revu edition to a different one? Can Revu run in a Citrix environment?

How much does Studio cost? What are Studio Sessions? What are Studio Projects?

What type of permissions are available in Bluebeam Studio? PDF Any file format How big can the files be? Yes Yes Can previous file revisions be viewed and restored? No Yes Can we receive notifications about file and user activity? Yes Yes Can we send and receive markup alerts?

El software necesario

Yes No Do all attendees need a license of Revu? No No. Do I need to own Revu to manage a Studio Prime subscription account? What are the different types of users within Studio Prime? Los Administradores de Prime pueden controlar el acceso de los Colaboradores a los Proyectos y las Sesiones gestionados de los miembros.

Suscribirse al correo electrónico de Bluebeam

How does an Administrator access the Studio Prime Portal to manage users and generate reports? Carpetas de Proyectos: agregar o eliminar carpetas de Proyectos y administrar permisos de carpeta. Archivos de Studio: agregar, actualizar, descargar, eliminar los archivos de Proyectos y Sesiones y restaurar revisiones del archivo. Usuarios de Studio: invitar o agregar usuarios a Proyectos y Sesiones y administrar los permisos de usuario. Trabajos de Studio: ejecutar trabajos de procesamiento de archivos en archivos de Proyecto. What is Folder Automations?

Can I still use my license of Revu for Mac? Can I install Revu on a Mac using Parallels or other virtual machine tools? Perpetual Licencing Enlazado-Claro Perpetual Licensing is a licensing system that requires companies to purchase and register Revu on a per workstation basis using a serial number and product key. NET 2.

Este mensaje puede aparecer a veces para los usuarios de Mac OS X Para resolver el problema abra Preferencias del sistema y vaya a la ficha General en el panel de seguridad y privacidad. Para eliminarlos, vaya a la carpeta de la biblioteca en su Macintosh HD y entre en la carpeta QuickTime.


Cómo hacer una copia de seguridad de los datos y aplicaciones de un smartphone Huawei

Hubo un error en myCreate 2. Estos cargos adicionales son responsabilidad del comprador. Estas instrucciones son para HUE Intuition 1. Si no puede actualizar su software, consulte las instrucciones para activar en versiones anteriores. Haga clic en el enlace Downloads Descargas a la izquierda resaltado en amarillo. Recomendamos almacenar el software en su ordenador.

Solución de problemas de inicio

Deje el cuadro License Type Tipo de licencia establecido en Single Individual a menos que haya comprado una licencia multiusuario. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Before subscribing please read our privacy notice to learn how we handle your data. Email Address. Go to the shop. Preguntas Frecuentes FAQs. Para consultar las preguntas frecuentes, por favor haga clic Search : Enter your question:. Load More. LongoMatch, in fact, has been present in all the last achievements of the Handball National team, which permited analyze better the rival teams, as well as improve our performance.