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  1. 5 of the Best Free Screenwriting Software - Make Tech Easier
  2. 5 of the Best Free Screenwriting Software

On of those experiments was finding a way to write screenplays on the iPad.

So I built this little template, and I like it more than I thought I would. However, I was able to build in some rules that make some things automatic. Margins are set with Slug-lines and Action blocks 1.

Top margin 1 inch and bottom margin. Page numbering begins on page 2, and hyphenation is turned off.

5 of the Best Free Screenwriting Software - Make Tech Easier

Open the styles drawer and click on any style to select the kind of block you want, or to covert from one kind of block to another. I only mention this software on behalf of you ambitious, disorganized folks whose screenplays are currently just piles of research and scattered notes like on those aforementioned Starbucks napkins. Sign up for a free account and check it out.

Pros: -Regularly updated. The developer is working hard on making it better than Final Draft.

For Those on a Tight Budget

Conversion tools extra. The goal is pretty much to keep you from worrying about tabbing between formats and focus on your writing. You can then use another program to convert your text file into a properly formatted screenplay.

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Can be desktop, mobile, or both. Cons: -You have to use another program to turn the text file into a screenplay, and some of them cost money. The formatting comes later, when the script is ready. You still have to learn the syntax, though, if you want the conversion process to work properly.

5 of the Best Free Screenwriting Software

Screenwriting on a Budget A good script is the foundation of a good film. Pros Regularly updated software Built in online community for easy file-sharing and group work Templates for film scripts as well as theatre scripts, storyboards, comic books, and novels Cons Some pre-production tools cost extra Monthly payments for extended online services You have to create an account and take a day free trial of their online studio package in order to download the free version Celtx is an extremely convenient platform for screenwriting.

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