Fancy mac and cheese with cauliflower and chorizo

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  4. Mac and Cheese with Chorizo and Cauliflower

This was just ok. The sauce was a nice consistency, but was very bland. Barely tasted cheesy. I almost felt like it needed less milk and more cheese. I thought it was delicious but not sure I would spend 10 of my 30 on it. I thought about adding some shredded chicken for a one dish meal. I was thinking that this could be creamier with fat free cream cheese or fat free sour cream but I'm not sure how to balance the moisture. I think I would leave out the chicken broth at first, then see.

The difficulty in not being sure, is that the pasta drinks up some of the moisture, but broccoli or mushrooms add some.

Mac and Cheese with Chorizo and Cauliflower

Any expertise on this matter here? We always replace half the pasta with broccoli and cauliflower dropped in the boiling pasta water for one minute before draining, but real cheese is non-negotiable. Try the Modernist Cuisine cheese sauce to reduce calories. You eliminate the butter and flour, and can even use water instead of cheese if you want. This is a great recipe. Tasty and comes together pretty easy. The added broccoli helps you feel healthier.

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My kids weren't too terribly excited to see Brocoli in their favorite dish but they ate it. This recipe is a keeper and I would make it again! My daughter made this recipe for New Year's Eve and it was delicious! Second helpings for all! Next time a little more broccoli she think she skimped on it and will add some garlic. Definitely going to be our go to recipe for mac and cheese! I was low on broccoli, so added a bit of cauliflower.

I only had medium cheese so used that, but sharp would definitely work better, as it was missing some zing! This blog over the past 5 years has been my go to for recipes. I was a amateur cook and needed help! My husband now raves to all of his friends and family about how good of a cook I have become. Thank you for the great recipes Gina! This one is my VERY favorite!!!! Just made this and it was absolutely perfect! I am sure it would taste the same with skim.

Delicious… will be making again! All the flavor and creaminess of regular broccoli mac and cheese. I added a little bit of dry chopped basil and will try adding a teaspoon or less of nutmeg next time for a little extra flavor. My boyfriend and I just made this for dinner tonight! We both have your cookbook and are loving trying your recipes! Keep them coming please! Not bad but not my favorite. On a positive note this is the first recipe of yours that I was not a fan of.


I have made many others that are delicious! Love your website and just got your book last week and I love that too!! I just made this.

I loved the broccoli in it. Since I hardly ever eat pasta too many points and carbs I find pasta tasteless. The broccoli really made this dish in my opinion. It makes alot! Quite yummy and worth the points. I made this recipe exactly but added ground turkey 1lb froze one half before baking and only baked the other half. Do you know this person? It almost looks like they copied your recipe.

Chorizo & Pepper Jack Mac & Cheese Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 745

Its a little hard to catch but If you look at the bottom of her recipe she said it was adapted from ginas recipe and provides a link……She exercised the correct blog etiquette. This receipt is not all that unusual. I have made it many times for my fam. It is nice to have someone pull ideas together for us for healthier eating. As a broke college student who tries to eat healthy this truth is the perfect recipe!

Baked Broccoli Macaroni and Cheese - Skinnytaste

My roommate and I are always making this and we enjoy it as much as we did when we first tried it! This is an excellent dish…even better reheated the next day and the next! We make it often at our house.

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Thanks Gina! We add a pound of chicken and 6tbsp of precooked bacon pieces, it ads 3 points but makes it such a hearty comfort food, and a little garlic with the onion and some red pepper flakes because my husband like a kick, but we LOVE this meal.

Mac and Cheese with Chorizo and Cauliflower

This is an amazing recipe! It tastes sinful and fattening! This is recipe 4 out of 5 that I've tried and loved over the last week and absolutely loved. I haven't tried the 5th recipe yet but I'm pretty sure by the smells wafting from your Salisbury steak simmering on my stove, I'm gonna love that one too! Thanks for your recipes! I also used butter light I can't believe it is not butter due to high cholesterol problems that runs in my family.

I also added bit more flavor as garlic powder. Turned out very very good!! I am waiting for your book to come out missy G!! I kept printing out your recipes and I love them! Even my hubby enjoys it….. I love the skinny comfort food recipes. Can't wait for your cookbook! I made this tonight. Had some naysayers in the household because there is no meat in it. I found the casserole to be very filling by its self. Thanks so much for posting such wonderful recipes on your site and including the point value from Weight Watchers.

This is a regular meal in my house!